Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Aphrodisiac of Power

The left is hell-bent on regaining power. That’s the reason they do everything possible to make the current administration appear feckless. They believe that the negative perception of current policies will translate to tipping the elections in their favor. It’s in their selfish interest to ignore anything positive, or worse to repaint the truth with a dirty brush.

The actions taken by the far left, including most democrat members of congress and the mass media, are not only irresponsible, they are unpatriotic. I know that they hate that word – it draws immediate hostile fire – but when conscious actions result in aiding an enemy, what else can those actions be called?

This is all about George Bush. They’re convinced that if they portray President Bush as an ignorant gunslinger without either a plan or a clue, they’ll regain power. And, unfortunately they may be right. Too many Americans simply accept what appears in the mass media as factual.

Democrats say “We’ve got a better plan”. Sure, they’ve got a plan for stopping the war, for universal health care, for reducing gas prices, improving the economy, balancing the budget, reducing the deficit, and on and on. They have a “plan” for solving any problem ranging from yeast infections to galactic exploration. Simply "having a plan" doesn't automatically mean that "the plan" will work.

Why should we believe them? After all, their plans to retake the White House in 2004 were unsuccessful. The promises made before retaking congress in 2006 have turned out to be "hot air". The democrats haven’t proven themselves capable of carrying out a predefined plan at all – why should anyone be expected to think that these new “plans” work any better. Better to gauge the dem's results than to accept their rhetoric.

Take John Kerry for example. He and his campaign team worked for several years to formulate one master “plan” with a single purpose, to win the presidency. During the campaign, they made adjustments to the original plan as weaknesses surfaced. The final result was that his plan didn’t do what it was designed to do. Why didn’t it work? His plan failed because Kerry failed to convince a large enough percentage of independents to vote for him and failed to get an appreciable crossover from republicans. He had a plan - it just didn't work.

If John Kerry (and the Democrats in general) can’t “negotiate” enough American voters into accepting Democrat leadership, how can they expect to convince radical Islam to do an about face, become respectful of Jews and Christians, and live peacefully in the world community?

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