Thursday, June 19, 2008

How to Evaluate Bush’s Programs

Although I’m no longer a qualified programmer, I could still write a program to support the left’s considered, thoughtful, in-depth assessment of any of Bush’s decisions, actions, or policies. It’s really not too difficult.

Instructions: Type any Bush activity and touch Enter.

The program code:
Step 1. Accept input from keyboard.
Step 2. Display “WRONG”.
Step 3. Go to Step 1.

That’s pretty much it. No pesky IF conditions, no evaluation of variables, no complex arguments, just the results as predefined in the specs written by a consortium of the DNC, Kos, Huffington, MSM, etc.. It’s obvious they’ve been using a similar program for years.

Imagine that, Bush is sheer perfection – he’s ALWAYS wrong! We should be able to harness this unique ability and steer the country in the right direction by doing exactly the opposite of what the prez proposes. What a concept. How could we go wrong?

BTW, I’ll donate any software license revenue from this program to charity, I’m glad I could help.

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