Thursday, June 19, 2008

Barack’s Skin

Barack Obama is supposed to be half black and half white, yet blacks see him as a black man. Why don’t they see him as a white man? Isn’t he just as much white as black?

Put simply - because of his skin color. Why else would black America identify with him? Except for his skin pigmentation, he barely qualifies as black. His life experiences could hardly be more different from those of black America, for example:

“He is not descended from slaves, nor was his childhood marked by poverty, segregated schooling or social deprivation. His father was not African-American but entirely African and his mother, as we all know, was white. He did not grow up in the midst of the ugly hatreds and divisions of the American South, or even with the more subtle, disguised discrimination of the North” (from the Telegraph (UK) 3/24/2008).

Yet black America claims him as one of them.

Barack’s education includes a BA from Columbia and a law degree from Harvard. That hardly qualifies as typical black education.

And contrast his personal economic condition with that of black America. The Obama family’s adjusted gross income was $983,826 in 2006 (down from $1,655,106 in 2005) while the median family income for all black families that year was $31,969.

Obama hasn’t exactly “walked a mile” in the shoes of his black brothers and sisters. He hasn’t had the same life experiences. In fact, on paper, Obama’s statistics looks more like an “affluent, white yuppie liberal” than an average black person.

So, why are African Americans voting for him in droves?

They’re voting based on his skin color.

Isn’t that the definition of a racist?

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